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Having "Mutual Students"

I took an online lesson with a teacher named Mr. L from 9 p.m. To my great surprise, he told me that he had just talked to one of my students, Mr. F, the other day. Mr. F is an extremely motivated student who already has a pretty good TOEIC score and now wants to improve his ability to express himself. So, in the current term, he's taking my Sunday morning self-expression (自己表現) class. I might have said during the previous class that Mr. L is an excellent teacher and a nice young man, but I had no idea Mr. F remembered or wrote down his name.

Anyway, it's really nice to have "mutual students" with online teachers because our mission is the same: to help each of our students improve their English as much as possible. As more of my students start taking online lessons and talk to some of the same teachers I regularly book lessons with, this will happen more often. I think it'll be great for me and my students to share some online teachers as mutual friends because that'll give us a lot to talk about. (188 words)

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