英文投稿の記事 (1/1)


Starting next month, I'll be giving TOEIC seminars to employees at a company,
and I had to create my brief profile in English.

Below is the profile.

I run a TOEIC school in Shibuya called Sawada-juku, offering unique courses designed to improve both students’ TOEIC scores and practical English skills at the same time.

I also work as a Japanese-to-English translator, freelancing for the bilingual magazine “ひらがなタイムズ” and NHK.

Convinced that it’s essential to acquire an ability to use English, not just a good TOEIC score, I teach my lessons in a way that the students will be able to speak and write what they have learned through their TOEIC studies.

It’s my personal mission to help Japanese people develop better practical English skills while studying for TOEIC so that they can thrive on the global stage. To spread my TOEIC learning method, I’ve written numerous articles on my blog “本当に役立つTOEIC勉強法” and All About.

As a teacher, I’m strict and demanding yet friendly and understanding. Above all, I always strive to make my lessons as fun and instructive as possible.