Today I had a TOEIC lesson in the morning and spent the rest of the day mostly writing. As I said I would do in the Day2 entry of my diary, I spoke some English in today’s class. While giving the lesson, I was looking for an opportunity to speak English but couldn’t find it during the first 80 minutes or so. I was getting a bit nervous and worried about how the students would react to my sudden change.

Then, one of the students left the classroom to go to the restroom. Because I didn’t want the student to miss part of my lecture while she was away, I thought to myself, “Now’s my chance!” I suddenly switched to English and said, “Okay, while we’re waiting for Ms. Kxxxxx to come back from the bathroom, maybe we can have a little chat in English.” For a moment, the students didn’t seem to know what had just happened. “Well, I’ve decided to speak some English in class from now on,” I went on. “But don’t worry, I won’t be explaining these grammar points in English.”

After that, I gave a couple of short talks and communicated with some of the students in English, which they seemed to enjoy. I think that by speaking English in class, I can create a more stimulating environment for my students, even if my English is not perfect. As a teacher, I should be the one who gets the ball rolling, and if I speak English as a matter of course, I’m sure that will encourage my students to follow my example. I really hope they will become more enthusiastic about communicating in English as a result of this change in my teaching style. (289 words)